Research and Development

Innovation has always been integral to BioGenesis Health Cluster’s DNA, the foundation for the unique and differentiated value propositions that it has crafted over the years.

Since 2012, BioGenesis Health Cluster has played a crucial role in building this capability, creating products and solutions that sustain the Company's competitive advantage keeping the Company future-ready and driving its game-changing businesses of the future. Our Agenda is to sharpen its competitive edge in an enormously challenging marketplace which demands better products that can positively impact consumers' lives, demands solutions that effectively deliver care and wellness to consumers, demands products and services that are world-class and a byword for excellence. It is here that the Centre will step in - endeavouring to develop path-breaking solutions that blend science, research and technology to enhance not just product experience but overall quality of life.

The challenging task of driving science-led product innovation has been carefully addressed by appropriately identifying the required set of core competency areas of science such as Genetics, BioTechnology, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, and several disciplines of Chemistry. Presently, the Life Sciences and Technology team has evolved with over 1250 world-class scientists and is creating Centers of Excellence in these areas. The Centre is carrying out research and securing proprietary technologies for the Company's businesses.