Who We Are

BioGenesis Health Cluster is registered under Section 25 of Company’s Act 1956.

BioGenesis Health Cluster aim is the coordination and execution of work done by researchers across the world on initiatives designed to help international development in the fields of healthcare, education, and Science & Technology particularly through aid to developing countries.

  • Methodological and expert support to create policies on international development assistance in health care in developing countries
  • National and international relationships for developing a network of experts from the research community in the field of clinical research an development
  • Assistance and aid to developing countries; promotion of scientific expertise in international programs in the field of healthcare and innovation
  • Evaluating the performance of projects and Economic analysis of healthcare systems.
  • Practical involvement in the implementation of Indian and international programs in the field of international development assistance in healthcare and Assistance in setting up innovative companies
  • Provide Consultation to innovative companies
  • Provide Technology transfer between science and industry
  • Development, support and practical implementation of projects to assess the quality of healthcare, including education assessment tools
  • Creating a forum for dialogue between science and business
  • Creating a network of research, clinical development and production
  • Creating a platform for presenting the world medical technology to other regions
  • Organization of seminars, conferences and training in management and quality assessment
  • Development of expertise in the field of healthcare management
  • Establishing a communication platform of experts and a network of experts in the field of international development aid
  • Promotion of international development, consulting expertise and providing a provision of research grants and the implementation of Masters and other scholarship programs in educational management

During its existence, BioGenesis Health Cluster has established a strong position as a network organization uniting India and foreign experts to assess the quality of healthcare and healthcare policies.

  • To enable partner regions to build an environment that creates and sustains competitive health and medical related innovations.
  • To engage regional health systems in working with other key stakeholders in their regional health innovation landscape.
  • To ensure the effective adoption of innovations in the regional health sector.
  • Targeting health inequalities between regions and promoting health gain
  • To stimulate greater integration of innovation actors and stakeholders
  • To reduce market obstacles by stimulating entrepreneurship and innovation in local SMEs.